Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer… and Fall Again

What can be more beautiful than a sea covered in snow? Only the city that is nestled on it’s side.
The last of the beach goers have gone and now it is what they call “off-season”. However, the city isn’t even thinking of sleeping. Quite the opposite - it’s beginning to enchant us in a whole new way. Raising the curtain, the team at BeeHive Hotel will teach you all about spending your time here with pleasure and feeling the warmth even in a cold Odessa. This time of year we can experience many advantages that aren’t seen in the summertime.

First, the sea. Totally different. You will see the sea itself, instead of the sunbathing crowds in front of it. You can quietly sit on the shore with a hot cup of delicious coffee, while feeding the frantic seagulls, which circle the sky by the dozen. Maybe you will even catch a rare sight - the still, frozen waves; the silent, motionless, all-throughout-white water. This is the frozen Black Sea.

Next, we can recommend warmth, not only within the food, but also within the art. In a day you will find a multitude of events taking place so making a choice won’t always be easy. For example, in the Lutheran Church, which in Odessa we just call “Kirche”, we often have organ music concerts, poet meetings, and sometimes performances. Of Course, the building itself should not go unnoticed. After the recent restorations it looks like a big gingerbread house!When you visit the Opera House, make sure to see The Nutcracker. The magical symphonies of Tchaikovsky and the festive atmosphere is just right for a winter evening. Make sure to take a good look at the theater itself, one of the most beautiful in all of Europe. For a more modern option, check out the must see Theatr Na Chainii, where a group of very talented performers conduct plays with a focus on current topics. This theater is definitely one of the most important creative spaces in the city.
If what interests you are lectures and film screenings, Odessa has two spaces called Impact Hub and HippoCampus. Hub often holds lectures touching on themes like cinematography, design, architecture, etc. Furthermore it is a comfortable co-working space. In HippoCampus you can catch some of the latest arthouse films. Next door to the screening room you will find a coffee shop and a book store. For art galleries, take a look inside Invogue where new exhibitions and meet-and-greets with interesting people take place often.

For some alternative events be sure to catch the “hand-made” festival Gesheft (held once every season), and the truly Odessa Tsimes Market (held once every month). There you can meet many extraordinary people who create their own unique products and brands. These kind of festivals aren’t only for shopping, but also a great space for relaxing and having fun. The live music will put you in a good mood and the extensive food court is a great space to try many tasty foods at once.

For the active travelers we recommend a walk down Trassa Zdorovya (Health Route) - about 7km long, connecting the center and the just as lovely area of Arcadia. By the way, Arcadia is where you will find our warm and cozy hotel. This location is a bit more quiet than the center. Here you can find a big park with ponds and the shorefront is an arm’s reach away.

In Odessa you can reach everything by foot. Walking down the sidewalk be sure to notice the arches and courtyards; take a look up at the facades of the antique architecture; enjoy the slow pace and allow the streets to guide you. Let the time spent here remind you of a winter fairytale, after which spring always comes.
Author of the article: Ksenia Tyusheva